A Texas Cow Boy

by Charles A. Siringo
Category: "Travel"
Year of Publication:1885
Date Read:02/19/1995
Notes:Subtitle: Fifteen Years on the Hurricane Deck of a Spanish Pony.

After a nomadic childhood, Charles Siringo signed on as a teenage cowboy for the noted Texas cattle king, Shanghai Pierce, and began a life that embraced all the hard work, excitement, and adventure associated with the cowboy era. He "rid the Chisholm trail," driving 2,500 heads of cattle from Austin to Kansas; knew Tascosa — now a historic monument — when it was home to raucous saloons, red light districts and a fair share of violence; and led a posse of cowboys in pursuit of Billy the Kid and his gang.

Siringo's chronicle of his life as a itchy-footed boy, cowhand, range detective and adventurer was one the first classics about the Old West and helped to romanticize the West and its myth of the American cowboy. Will Rogers declared, "That was the Cowboy's Bible when I was growing up."

My Rating: 8

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Review - A Texas Cow Boy

A memoir of the author's years as a cattle drover. he isn't a highly educated man, but he knows how to tell a good story, and occasionally the book is absolutely hilarious. I especially liked the part where the cow falls on him ... but I don't want to ruin it for you.
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