Kingdom Come

by Alex Ross and Mark Waid
Category: "Graphic Story"
Year of Publication:1996
Date Added:12/05/2014
Date Read:09/02/2019
Notes:Superman has gone into seclusion and a brand new gang of super-heroes are on the scene. But they aren't as principled as he is and the world is falling apart as they fight each other just to fight and cause major disasters. Superman returns and tries to fix things by taking over. Lex Luthor mind controls Shazam to stop him. In the end, Superman is able to break the control over Shazam who dies preventing a nuclear war. The remaining heroes—in particular Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman—decide the best way forward is to work with humans to create a better world.
My Rating: 5

Reviews for Kingdom Come

Review - Kingdom Come

The premise is that super heroes are dangerous because humans look to them for answers instead of fixing things themselves. Underlying that theme is another theme that reliance on God is wrong for the same reason. This story is told from the point of view of a preacher who learns that hope in mankind is the answer. There's a lot of misuse of Scripture quotes from Revelation.
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