Mr. Bojangles

by Jim Haskins and N. R. Mitgant
Category: "Arts and Entertainment"
Year of Publication:1988
Date Added:04/01/2018
Date Read:04/01/2018
Notes:Subtitle: The Biography of Bill Robinson

Bill Robinson was a dancer and actor who became world famous during the '30's and '40's. He appeared in several movies with Shirley Temple and on Broadway. At a time when black actors were cast in minor roles, Robinson headlined several shows and did all he could to further opportunities for blacks. His funeral was arranged and attended by some of the greatest names in show business. He was also known for inventing the popularizing the word "copacetic."
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Reviews for Mr. Bojangles

Review - Mr. Bojangles

The book was informative but not very well-written. Paragraph after paragraph are just dry lists of places Bill performed and people he performed with.

Robinson was a chronic gambler who found ways to spend most of the considerable money he made, but he was also generous and gave money whenever he saw someone in need. He was married three times. He died of a heart attack at the age of 70 in 1948. Even though he was one of the most famous entertainers of his day, his name is hardly spoken anymore.
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