When the Green Woods Laugh

by H.E. Bates
Category: "Fiction - Humorous Novels"
Year of Publication:1960
Date Added:06/01/2019
Date Read:06/01/2019
Notes:Pop Larkin buys and old estate cheap, intending to tear it down and sell it for scrap. But before he gets a chance, a stockbroker named Jerebohm shows up looking for the country life. Pop sells him the place for a huge profit and uses the money to build a swimming pool. Mrs. Jerebohm has an encounter with Pop that causes her to bring charges against him, but she's no match against his cleverness in court.
My Rating: 5

Reviews for When the Green Woods Laugh

Review - When the Green Woods Laugh

This one didn't do a lot for me. Except for the scene where Pop convinces Jerebohm to buy a bunch of pheasants for his estate. Pop then sits in a chair in the woods by his own farm and picks off the pheasants as they fly into his woods.
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