A Man Called Ove

by Fredrik Backman
Category: "Fiction - General"
Year of Publication:2014
Date Added:10/10/2019
Date Read:12/12/2019
Notes:Ove is 59. His wife Sonja, the only person who ever understood him, died six months ago. And now he's been laid off from his job. Without a purpose or a way to fill the empty spaces, Ove decides to kill himself. But before he can do it, a woman named Parvaneh moves into the house next door with her husband and two kids. Ove thinks they're incompetent and feels like he has to help them before they make a total mess of the neighborhood. Ove the following weeks, whenever Ove decides it's time to die, somebody who needs help shows up at his door. Finally Ove gives up on suicide and—while steadfastly remaining a curmudgeon and refusing to admit that anybody else is capable in any way—he becomes the go-to person for anyone with a problem. When he finally dies of a bad heart, more than 300 people attend his funeral.
My Rating: 7

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Review - A Man Called Ove

I enjoyed it. It had it's issues, as most modern novels do. But I could understand Ove's view of life enough to relate.
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