All the Pretty Horses

by Cormac McCarthy
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Category: "Fiction - Western"
Year of Publication:1992
Date Added:10/11/2019
Date Read:08/10/2020
Notes:John Grady Cole grew up on a ranch in Texas. When his mother sells the ranch and runs off to be an actress, Cole decides to head to Mexico. He talks his friend Rawlins into coming with him. Along the way they are joined by a third boy who says his name is Blevins. In a storm, Blevins' horse runs off. He finds it in a barn in a small town and take sit back. The locals chase him, and he ends up killing one of them. Cole and Rawlins split off. They soon find work on a horse ranch. Cole falls in love with Alejandra, the rancher's daughter. When her father finds out about the affair, he tells the authorities. Cole and Rawlins are brought back and thrown in a jail with Blevins. The three are then sent to a penitentiary, but on the way, the captain takes Blevins off into the brush and kills him. Cole and Rawlins have a hard time in prison. They are beaten and attempts are made on their lives. Alejandra talks her aunt into getting the boys released by promising to never see Cole again. She does meet with him once but refuses to go with him. He returns to the small town where he was arrested and takes the police captain hostage to regain his and Rawlins' horses. He's shot, but somehow manages to get back to Texas. He gives Rawlins his horse, then takes off on his own.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for All the Pretty Horses

Review - All the Pretty Horses

Sad, and with a depressing ending. The writing takes a little while to get used to—you have to pick things up along the way to figure out what's going on and it's not always clear who's talking. But I found it compelling and rooted for Cole.
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