Adam Bede

by George Eliot
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Category: "Fiction - General"
Year of Publication:1859
Date Read:06/14/1997
Notes:Carpenter Adam Bede, a man of deep integrity, hopes to marry the young butter-maker Hetty Sorrel. But the beautiful Hetty, vain, self-centered and dreaming of a more glamorous destiny, is drawn into an affair with the self-indulgent Arthur Donnithorne, the future squire. The consequences of her seduction will cast a shadow over Hetty’s family, but the tragedy throws into high relief the character of Dinah Morris, a preacher.

COMMENTS — George Eliot was the pseudonym for Mary Ann Evans, a Victorian novelist who developed the method of psychological depiction characteristic of modern fiction. She was sub-editor of the Westminster Review, where she met George Henry Lewes, who would be her companion until his death in 1878. Lewes's wife was mentally unbalanced and had already had two children by another man. In 1854 Eliot went to Germany with Lewes. Their unconventional union caused some difficulties because Lewes was unable to obtain a divorce.
My Rating: 9

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