Adventures in Birding

by Jean Piatt
Category: "Nature/Science"
Year of Publication:1973
Date Read:09/15/2000
Notes:Subtitle: Confessions of a Lister.

"Discovery is always a potent elixir and for the birding neophyte Media, Pennsylvania, can be as alluring as Zanzibar, or the Galapagos Islands are for the hierophant; and we had scarcely set foot within the temple door." Piatt, a curmudgeon, but the kind of curmudgeon you can't help but like, tells the story of the quest he and his wife made to see and identify 500 species of birds in North America. Along the way he comments on life, birds and birders. Often humorous, occasionally challenging and always passionate about the sport he loves.
My Rating: 10

Reviews for Adventures in Birding

Review - Adventures in Birding

My Dad borrowed this book on tape from The Library for the Blind. After he listened to it, he said he thought I'd enjoy it. I had always been aware of birds (thanks entirely to Dad who learned about them while growing up in rural New Jersey) but had never pursued them in any way. And I had always enjoyed being outdoors — hiking, fishing, whatever — but with little purpose. By the time I'd finished with this book, I was hooked. Shortly thereafter, while standing in like for the log chute ride at Great America, I identified a House Sparrow and thought to myself, "Number one." Twenty-five years and 417 birds later, I'm still at it. Piatt is a liberal (as most birders are), but he makes the sport of birding come alive. He describes the challenges, the laughs, the discoveries and the frustrations that make it so much fun. When you read the book, you'll want a field guide to North American birds close by.
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