Alexander Hamilton: Portrait in Paradox

by John C. Miller
Category: "U.S. History - Political"
Year of Publication:1959
Date Read:06/01/1988
Notes:Hamilton played a key role in the early formation of the American government. A man of great intelligence and ambition, he served on Washington's Revolutionary War staff from 1777-1781. After the war Hamilton co-wrote the Federalist essays(with John Jay and James Madison). Hamilton believed in a strong central government and a strong national bank, convictions which put him at odds with Thomas Jefferson. In 1789 President Washington appointed Hamilton as the country's first Secretary of the Treasury, a post he held until 1795. Hamilton's political feud with Jefferson's vice president, Aaron Burr, led to a duel with pistols on July 11, 1804. Hamilton was mortally wounded and died the next day.
My Rating: 9

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Review - Alexander Hamilton: Portrait in Paradox

Great biography of my personal favorite founding father.
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