All for Love

by John Dryden
Category: "Drama"
Year of Publication:1677
Date Read:02/16/2001
Notes:Dryden adapted a number of Shakespeare's plays including The Tempest and All for Love, a retelling of Antony and Cleopatra.

COMMENTS — In the history of the drama Dryden occupies a peculiar place. He had no great genius for the theater, and yet he imposed his ideas upon the English play-going world. He was that unusual product, a politician with a poetical mind. For a time he was attached to the Puritans, and wrote an ode on the death of Cromwell; but, on the accession of Charles, he found no difficutly in transferring his muse to the royalist party.
My Rating: 4

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Review - All for Love

Boring. Anthony and Cleopatra act like little children while their armies collapse around them.
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