All the Best, George Bush

by George Bush
Category: "U.S. History - Political"
Year of Publication:1999
Date Read:02/08/2001
Notes:Subtitle: My Life in Letters and Other Writings. In lieu of a memoir, George Bush collected correspondence and diary entries to show, as he says, "what my own heartbeat is, what my values are, what has motivated me in life." The letters begin in 1942 — when, fresh out of high school, Bush volunteered for U.S. Navy flight school — and continue to the brink of the 21st century. The book hits all the highlights of Bush's career, from the Texas oil business to his role as ambassador to China, then CIA director, vice president under Ronald Reagan, and finally president himself. Along the way, he reveals a personality that is at turns compassionate, respectful, silly, doting, and resolute — a man for whom being a father and a grandfather matters as much as, and maybe even more than, being leader of the free world.
My Rating: 8

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Review - All the Best, George Bush

Gives you great insight into a decent, normal man who was swept up into great events and did his best. I liked him anyway, but this book made me like him more.
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