Garage Sale

It’s amazing how quickly stuff accumulates when you own a home. It seems you never toss anything because there’s always somewhere to stick it away. Then, when you decide to move, you’ve got piles of stuff too good to toss but too stufflike to move. So you have a garage sale and hope that your stuff is someone else’s dream of a lifetime.

I tried to drum up interest in our sale with a series of Facebook posts.

Buy Santa at our garage sale this weekend, and we’ll throw in the stylish hat for free!


This set of three Western items will be available at our garage sale this weekend!


Help this bear stop singing the blues. Come buy him at our garage sale this weekend.


Come to our garage sale this Friday and Saturday and buy all my books. Then you can be as well red as I are.


The appeals kinda worked. I sold the skull and cow horns and several of the books.

We had some big, bulky items we wanted to get rid of. Some of them went. Some didn’t. Then there was the treadmill. We had it listed for $25. I wanted to give it away, but my wife said a price would give it perceived value. Early on the first day, a guy gave me $25 and said he be back with another vehicle on Saturday. Three or four other people asked about it, and I told them it was sold. The guy never showed. I have his $25, but I also still have the treadmill. I’d rather have neither.

By Saturday afternoon, things had slowed considerably. I posted one last appeal.

Come to our garage sale and I’ll let you ride our desk chair down the driveway.


My mother-in-law asked if was hurt and if I did that on purpose. My answers were yes. And yes.

In the end, we got rid of a lot of stuff and got the amount of money they say you need to get to make a garage sale worthwhile. I took most the leftover stuff over to the nearby charity thrift store. I still have the treadmill.

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