A Cinderella Story

directed by Mark Rosman
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:2004
Date Added:04/04/2008
Date Watched:08/01/2005
Description:Sam’s father dies, leaving her stuck with Fiona, her self-centered step-mother. On a Princeton chat room, she gets talking with Nomad, and they fall in love. She doesn’t know Nomad is Austin, the school quarterback and heartthrob who’s dating the very hot Rhonda. And Austin doesn’t know Princeton Girl is the waitress at the local diner. She comes in a princess costume to the Halloween formal and meets Austin. He falls for her but doesn’t know who she is. Fiona’s two daughters, with the help of Rhonda, find out who Austin’s princess is and expose her. Auston lets Sam be humiliated, but when he sees her walking out of the stadium during the final game, he chases her and they fall in love and go to Princeton together. Then Sam finds her father’s will which left all his money and the diner to her. Fiona ends up working for Sam.

A mushy, young chick flick that I watched because I’ve just been through the busiest month of my life and needed two hours that required no thinking whatsoever. It gave me that.
My Rating:6

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