Affair in Trinidad

directed by Vincent Sherman
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1952
Date Added:02/17/2009
Date Watched:02/17/2009
Description:Chris Emery (Rita Hayworth) is a nightclub singer in Trinidad. When her husband is killed, she agrees to help the police with their investigation by buddying up to the rich guy they think killed him. Things get sloppy when the dead husband's brother, Steve Emery (Glenn Ford) shows up and begins poking about — particularly when Chris and Steve fall for each other. There's a lot of mistrust and suspense, and the two get caught by the bad guys who are planning on setting up missile bases to bomb the US, but the police show up and time. Chris returns to America with Steve.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Affair in Trinidad

Review - Affair in Trinidad

Hayworth and Ford were good in their roles, but the basic plot was rather goofy — the police sending a grieving widow alone, untrained and unarmed to investigate the doings of a gang of known murders and traitors. And there was no logical reason why the brother couldn't be brought in on the truth.
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