Ace in the Hole

directed by Billy Wilder
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1951
Date Added:05/01/2009
Date Watched:10/29/2009
Description:Chuck Tatum (Kirk Douglas) is a big-city reporter stuck in New Mexico. When he discovers that Leo Minosa, the owner of a trading post is stuck in a cave, he decides to make it into the big story that gets him back into the big time. He makes a deal with the local sheriff to give him exclusive access to the trapped man and arranges for the "rescue" to take six days instead of 16 hours. Leo's wife Lorraine (Jan Sterling) wants to escape from her boring life. She teams up with Chuck on his story and rakes in thousands of dollars from tourists who come to be part of the show. When Leo gets sick and Chuck realizes he's delayed things too long, he argues with Lorraine, who stabs him. Chuck gets a priest to read Leo his last rites, quits his reporting job and returns to his small time newspaper in time to confess and die.
My Rating:9

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Review - Ace in the Hole

Gritty, well-acted and almost plausible.
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