Superman II

directed by Richard Lester
Category: "Fantasy"
Year of Release:1980
Date Added:05/10/2010
Date Watched:05/10/2010
Description:Superman and Lois Lane are in love and fly off to the Fortress of Solitude where Superman surrenders his powers for the woman he loves. Meanwhile, General Zod and two other Kryptonians escape from the phantom zone and take over earth. When Superman finds out, he returns to the Fortress and somehow regains his powers. Lex Luthor leads the Kryptonians to the Fortress where they are defeated when Superman reverses the machinery to remove his power and removes theirs instead. Superman then somehow erases Lois's memory with a kiss.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Superman II

Review - Superman II

Too campy to be interesting. Superman was strong and fast enough to reverse the rotation of the earth in the first movie, but his fight with Zod in this one is pathetic. He also has some strange powers, like the ability to wipe Lois's memory with a kiss. And Zod and raise people into the air with beams from his eyes. Embarassing to watch.
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