Assassination in Rome

directed by Silvio Amadio
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1965
Date Added:08/16/2010
Date Watched:08/16/2010
Description:Shelley North (Cyd Charrise) is in Rome with her husband Bill when he disappears. Her old boyfriend, Dick Sherman (Hugh O'Brian) is a reporter and helps her track him down. There's a lot of confusion and unnecessary characters. In the end, it turns out that Bill was involved in gambling and in debt. He was blackmailed to bring military secrets to Rome. Bill is killed by the villian, a woman reporter dressed as an old man. Shelley and Dick end up together.
My Rating:4

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Review - Assassination in Rome

Mighty dull. Cyd Charrise could dance, but she couldn't act to save her life.
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