Kings Row

directed by Sam Wood
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1942
Date Added:02/11/2011
Date Watched:02/12/2011
Description:Five youngsters in a small town grow up and face the consequences of prejudice. Parris Mitchell (Robert Cummings) trains to be a doctor. He loves Cassandra Tower (Betty Field), but her father thinks she is starting to suffer insanity so keeps her locked up. Parris sneaks in one night and gets her pregnant. Her father kills her than himself. Parris goes to Vienna and becomes a psychiatrist. His friend Drake McHugh (Ronald Reagan) is a rich playboy. Drake loves Louise Gordon, but her father, the local surgeon, will have nothing to do with him. Drake starts hanging with Randy Monaghan (Ann Sheridan), from the poor side of the tracks, and after he loses all his money, gets a job on the railroad. An accident results in the loss of both his legs. Parris returns and finds out from Louise that her father had cut off Drake's legs out of spite. When Parris tells Drake this, Drake determines to succeed in life anyway. Me marries Randy, and Parris takes up with a new girl in town.
My Rating:6

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Review - Kings Row

The part of the story involving Robert Cummings was weird, but Reagan and Sheridan made a great couple and did a good job acting.
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