The Barefoot Contessa

directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1954
Date Added:02/17/2011
Date Watched:02/18/2011
Description:Ava Gardner plays Maria Vargas, a poor Spanish nightclub dancer who is discovered by Hollywood. Humphrey Bogart plays Harry Dawes, the director who helped make her a sensation in three movies. She is pursued by the rich producers of the movies, then by a South American millionaire but finds herself unable to love. Then she meets a count and falls in love. On her wedding night, the count reveals that he was injured in the war and impotent. She has a fling with a servant and gets pregnant. She tells Harry that the count will understand, but before she can tell him he kills her and her lover.
My Rating:4

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Review - Barefoot Contessa, The

Rather dull and rather sad.
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