Anthony Zimmer

directed by Jerome Salle
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:09/26/2011
Date Watched:09/25/2011
Description:The police are looking for Zimmer who has run off with a huge sum of money. They are keeping an eye on Chiara Manzoni (Sophie Marceau), Zimmer's girl. Zimmer tells her to take a train and pick a guy about his age and build and act like she knows him. The cops and bad guys (from whom Zimmer took the money) buy it and chase Francois Taillandier (Yvan Attal). Chiara is torn between her love for Zimmer and her growing affection for Francois, and after she risks her life to save him, she finds out that he's really Zimmer (after a face lift) after all.
My Rating:6

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Review - Anthony Zimmer

The movie "The Tourist" is a remake of this, and I like it better than the original except for one thing — I find Sophie Marceau much more appealing than Angelina Jolie.
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