The Asphalt Jungle

directed by John Huston
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1950
Date Added:01/20/2012
Date Watched:01/20/2012
Description:Seven criminals conspire to rob a jewelry store. One is shot by a guard and dies later. Two of the others try to cheat their partners and die. Three end up in jail. The other (played by Sterling Hayden), who is wounded, runs with his girl to his home in Kentucky and bleeds to death as he arrives.
My Rating:7

Reviews for The Asphalt Jungle

Review - Asphalt Jungle, The

Pretty grim, and there was more to it than my quick summary above. It was definitely a movie with a message — crime doesn't pay. Marilyn Monroe has a bit part as a wealthy's crook's mistress.
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