14 Hours

directed by Henry Hathaway
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1951
Date Added:03/04/2013
Date Watched:03/04/2013
Description:Robert Cosick (Richard Basehart) can't take life anymore. He steps onto the ledge of a Manhattan highrise and threatens to jump. Charlie Dunnigan (Paul Douglas) is a street cop who sees him and spends the next 14 hours trying to talk him in, getting to know him, finding out his issues. In the end, the kid decides to live, but slips and is caught by a net the police just erected on the floor below. There are various sup-plots with the spectators below, but none were notable.
My Rating:5

Reviews for 14 Hours

Review - 14 Hours

Based on a true story, but dramatized so much as to make it almost a parody. The doctors' evaluation of Robert's problems is especially ridiculous. I watched it because it was the film debut of Grace Kelly. She had a small role as a wife who decides not to divorce her husband when she sees Robert on the ledge.
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