Love Finds Andy Hardy

directed by George B. Seitz
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1938
Date Added:06/18/2014
Date Watched:06/18/2014
Description:This was the fourth of 16 films in the series about the Hardy Family. Andy (Mickey Rooney) is a teenager who wants to buy a car so he can take his girl Polly (Ann Rutherford) to the dance. He needs $8 to complete the payments for the car (which cost $20 total). When Polly goes out of town, Andy's friend agrees to pay him $8 to date his girl Cynthia (Lana Turner). But then Andy's friend backs out of the deal, and the car dealer threatens to take Andy to court (Mr. Hardy is the judge). Andy has a talk with his father and admits his error, and his father agrees to help him with the car payment. But Andy has another problem — Polly has found out about Cynthia. In steps Betsy (Judy Garland), the younger girl who lives next door. She's been hanging around all film making eyes at Andy who just sees her as a kid. Betsy convinces Cynthia to dump Andy, then arranges to go to the dance with him herself. It turns out she's a singer and wows everybody at the dance. Andy has a great time, especially after Betsy explains everything to Polly.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Love Finds Andy Hardy

Review - Love Finds Andy Hardy

I watched this because Andy Hardy was on my Pop Culture list, but one movie was enough. First, I can't stand Judy Garland and her acting and singing in this film were very annoying. Mickey Rooney wasn't much better. Whenever he was kissed by a girl, he went through a series of gyrations that made him look like a lunatic. It's pretty hard to believe that anybody who looked like Ann Rutherford or Lana Turner would have to settle for Andy. The plot was typical for early family comedies, and I was able to follow along while doing other things.

The Andy Hardy series is claimed by some to be the most popular series of films ever made in the United States. The collective series even won a special Oscar in 1943 for the way it "represented the American way of life."
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