A Long Way Down

directed by Pascal Chaumeil
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:2014
Date Added:10/24/2014
Date Watched:10/22/2014
Description:Martin (Pierce Brosnan) is a famous TV personality who's career has ended in scandal. He goes to the top of a tall building on New Year's Eve to commit suicide. He meets three other with the same goal — Maureen (Toni Collette) who feels useless because she can't help her handicapped son, Jess (Imogen Poots) a politician's daughter who can't get over the loss of her sister and JJ (Aaron Paul) a musician who just doesn't want to live. Instead of killing themselves, they make a pact to live and grow to love and support each other in spite of differences and misunderstandings. In the end, they all find meaning and Jess ends up with JJ.
My Rating:6

Reviews for A Long Way Down

Review - A Long Way Down

Not overly exciting or memorable, but the character studies were interesting and the conclusion, with all of them finding meaning and continuing to support each other, was positive.
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