Flying Leathernecks

directed by Nicholas Ray
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "War"
Year of Release:1951
Date Added:12/31/2014
Date Watched:01/05/2015
Description:John Wayne is Major Daniel Kirby, commander of a squadron of Marine fighter planes on Guadalcanal during World War II. His second in command, Captain Griffin (Robert Ryan) thinks Kirby is too hard on the men. Kirby isn't afraid to make the tough decisions. An interlude in the middle of the film shows him at home on leave with his wife and son, being human. Then it's back to the war where he's shot down while fighting off kamikaze planes. He survives and is sent home to a desk job. He recommends Griffin who becomes his replacement.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Flying Leathernecks

Review - Flying Leathernecks

It's a typical WWII, pro-army propaganda film, released during the Korean War and the Communist scare. But Wayne does an excellent job portraying a leader who does what he needs to do, even when he doesn't like it. A lot of actual combat footage is included, and most of the fighting scenes are structured to fit this in. The film, or so I'm told on IMDB, is from the Korean War, but you can't tell that in the film.The close-ups of pilots in the cockpits of their planes aren't very convincing.
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