About a Boy

directed by Michael Weaver
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:2015
Date Added:01/05/2016
Date Watched:01/05/2016
Description:Thirty-three episodes over two seasons. The same basic story as the movie. Will (David Walton) is a lazy womanizer who lives on royalty checks from a Christmas song he wrote years ago. Fiona (Minnie Driver) and her son Marcus (Benjamin Stockham), who are decidedly odd, move in next door. Will saves Marcus from some bullies and the two become friends. Will helps Marcus learn to take chances and stand up for himself. He often argues with Fiona, but they come to respect each other. In season one, Will dates Samantha (Adrianne Palicki), but she moves to New York and Will is unwilling to leave Marcus. In season two, he dates Liz, but she can't handle his relationship with Fiona. Marcus strikes up an odd relationship with Shea, the school bad girl. In the final episode, Will and Fiona kiss and we're left wondering if they'll hook up.
My Rating:6

Reviews for About a Boy

Review - About a Boy

Not as dark as the movie, but with a lot of the same plot elements. The actors playing Will and Marcus are generally pretty good. Minnie Driver is so odd that, even when she's nailing her part, she's a distraction. The characters of Will's friend Andy and his wife, who are constantly bickering, were annoying every second they were on screen.
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