The Art of Getting By

directed by Gavin Wiesen
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:2011
Date Added:02/21/2016
Date Watched:02/21/2016
Description:George (Freddy Highmore) is a fatalist high-school senior who can't come up with a reason to do anything. He meets Sally (Emma Roberts) and falls in love with her, can't bring himself to admit it. Meanwhile his step dad goes bankrupt and his mom has to sell their apartment. George is challenged by the school principal — complete all his missed homework for the year or be expelled. Because of Sally, he cares for the first time and manages to graduate. She gives up on him and intends to go backpacking in Europe with another guy but he finally has the courage to tell her how he feels and she decides to stay.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Art of Getting By

Review - Art of Getting By, The

George and Sally were interesting characters that I cared about, but their parent were messed up and the movie indulged their fatalism and didn't really explain how two messed-up kids could somehow put it all together just by meeting.
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