directed by Denis Villeneuve
Category: "Fantasy"
Year of Release:2016
Date Added:01/04/2018
Date Watched:12/30/2017
Description:When 12 alien craft land on earth, linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) and scientist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) are sent to make contact. They learn the alien language, which is expressed in circles. They figure out that the aliens have come to save humans from destroying themselves with wars. They do this because they will need humans to save them 3,000 years in the future. Banks figures out that learning the alien circle language enables her to think in circles so that she has memories of things that haven't happened yet. She and Donnelly fall in love and have a daughter who dies of cancer. Banks has memories of this yet-to-be-born daughter all through the movie.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Arrival

Review - Arrival

Extremely slow-moving. The point, if there was one, could have been adequately expressed in a 25-minute TV episode. The idea that a language expressed in circles allows those who speak it to see the future is ridiculous. This was an attempt to be deep and clever, but it failed.
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