directed by Byron Howard
Category: "Animation"
Year of Release:2016
Date Added:01/19/2018
Date Watched:01/19/2018
Description:On the surface, it's a "hero" story about Judy Hopps, the first bunny to join the police force in Zootopia, where all sorts of animals have learned to live in peace. Put on a case to discover a missing otter, Judy tricks con-man fox Nick Wilde to help her. They find out that sheep are drugging predator species to make them mad and dangerous so that sheep can be in charge. Judy and Nick manage to thwart the plot, and they become friends. Nick joins the police force. Beneath (just barely) the surface, it's a two-hour lecture on tolerance and diversity and "the ability of anyone to become anything they want."
My Rating:2

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Review - Zootopia

The animation was up to usual Disney standards. I guess the story was too—yet another political screed to brainwash kids into liberal-think.
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