B.C.: A Special Christmas

directed by Vlad Goetzelman
Category: "Animation"
Year of Release:1981
Date Added:02/19/2018
Date Watched:02/19/2018
Description:Peter and Wiley, two of the cavemen from the B.C. comic strip, decide to create a myth about a man in a red suit who brings presents to everyone on December 26. They plan on selling trees and gifts to make a profit. But to their surprise, the myth becomes reality on December 25 when Santa shows up and delivers presents. The cartoon ends with Peter being woken up when men on camels ride past the door of his cave. He walks outside to see a bright star in the east and hear "Away in a Manger" playing in the distance. 
My Rating:5

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Review - B.C.: A Special Christmas

Dull and silly. The bit about the birth of Christ at the end is so obscure that it's pointless.
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