A Ticklish Affair

directed by George Sidney
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1963
Date Added:10/11/2019
Date Watched:10/11/2019
Description:Widow Amy Martin (Shirley Jones) is raising three sons with the help of her brother Simon (Red Buttons) and sister-in-law Tandy (Carolyn Jones). When one of her sons sends out an SOS signal, Navy Commander Key Weedon (Gig Young) shows up. He's immediately attracted to Amy and they begin dating. When Key asks Amy to marry him just before he's deployed to Italy, she says no. She wants her sons to have a permanent home. But her youngest son has other ideas. He ties himself to a bunch of weather balloons and takes off. Key shows up and saves the day, of course. The incident convinces Amy that a permanent father is more important for the boys than a permanent home.
My Rating:7

Reviews for A Ticklish Affair

Review - A Ticklish Affair

Lighthearted and pleasant, without much plot until the balloon bit. And even then there was never any doubt how it would turn out.
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