The Young in Heart

directed by Richard Wallace
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1938
Date Added:10/27/2019
Date Watched:10/27/2019
Description:The Carlton family are all swindlers. The father, "Sahib," (Roland Young) pretends to be an officer from India. His wife Marmy (Billie Burke), acts sweet but is always on a scam. The son Richard (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) is about to marry an American heiress for her millions. The daughter George-Ann (Janet Gaynor) is in love with a Scotsman Macrae (Richard Carlson) but refuses to marry him because he's poor. The authorities on the Rivera catch up with them and ship them home to London without money. On the way, they meet an old woman named Miss Fortune (Minnie Dupree). The con her into a meal and then into inviting them to stay in her mansion. Their hope is that they can endear themselves to her so she'll make them her heirs. Sahib has to pretend to work, so he gets a job selling cars. To his surprise, he's good at it and is soon made manager. George-Ann befriends Miss Fortune and feels bad about swindling her. Richard gets a job sorting mail at an engineering firm, mostly because he falls for the boss lady, Leslie (Paulette Goddard). He soon studies to become an engineer to impress her. Miss Fortune gets sick and almost dies. The Carlton's realize they truly love her. When they find out she has no money after all, they invite her to live with them. Sahib and Richard excel at their jobs. Richard marries Leslie, and George-Ann marries Macrae.
My Rating:8

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Review - Young in Heart, The

Certainly over-the-top, but with charm and tongue-in-cheek sentimentality.
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