Alias Jesse James

directed by Norman Z. McLeod
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1959
Date Added:01/18/2020
Date Watched:01/18/2020
Description:When the boss of insurance salesman Milford Farnsworth (Bob Hope) finds out Milford's sold a $100,000 policy to Jesse James (Wendell Corey), he sends Milford to Missouri to make sure nothing happens to the bandit. Jesse figures out that he can kill Milford and disguise his body so everyone thinks Jesse is dead and then he can collect the insurance money. While he's plotting, Milford and Jesse's girl Cora Lee (Rhonda Fleming) fall in love. There's much silliness, including a comic shootout complete with cameos. Jesse is arrested. Milford marries Cora Lee and takes over the insurance company.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Alias Jesse James

Review - Alias Jesse James

Stupid and slapstick. The only funny part is the shootout. Milford thinks he's shooting all the bad guys in Jesse's gang. But after each one is shot, the camera pans to another western hero who really did the shooting, such as Roy Rogers, Gary Cooper, James Arness, Jay Silverheels, Fess Parker, and even Bing Crosby.
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