Blue Steel

directed by Robert N. Bradbury
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1934
Date Added:08/22/2021
Date Watched:08/22/2021
Description:Marshal John Carruthers (John Wayne) is on the trail of the polka dot bandit (so named because of a bandana he always wears). As Carruthers investigates a safe robbery, Sheriff Withers (Gabby Hayes) sees him and thinks he's the bandit. Meanwhile, a gang of toughs led by a local rancher is trying to starve out the townsfolk so he can get the gold on their land. The rancher also has the hots for Betty (Eleanor Hunt). After many furious chase scenes and some fancy shooting, Carruthers' identity is cleared up and he and the sheriff manage to bury all the bad guys in a land slide Carruthers rides off with the girl (even though they've exchanged about 12 words over the course of a single day).
My Rating:6

Reviews for Blue Steel

Review - Blue Steel

Certainly unnuanced and formulaic, but actually not terrible. A young Wayne (27-years-old hear) plays his part with an amused look on his face. There's lots of fast horse riding, if one is into that. And there's an impressive but ridiculous scene in which the girl falls off her horse and the good guys rescue her by driving a four-horse team right over the top of her at full speed, scooping her up, and then tossing her into the saddle of another horse, all in about four seconds.
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