The Lawless Frontier

directed by Robert N. Bradbury
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1934
Date Added:08/23/2021
Date Watched:08/23/2021
Description:John Tobin (John Wayne) arrives home to find his father murdered by bandit Pandro Zanti (who "is half Apache, half White, but pretends he's a Mexican"). Tobin takes off in pursuit. Meanwhile. Zanti happens upon the home of Dusty (Gabby Hayes) and decides he wants Dusty's grandaughter Ruby (Sheila Terry) for his own. The chase is on with things getting complicated when the sheriff is convinced Tobin is part of Zanti's gang. Zanti conveniently kills himself by drinking from a poison well (clearly marked as such), and Tobin traps the rest of his gang in a mine shaft by shutting off the entrance with dynomite. Tobin ends up with the girl, of course.
My Rating:4

Reviews for The Lawless Frontier

Review - Lawless Frontier, The

Some impressive stunts, but the quality, the editing, the plot, the dialogue, the acting ... just terrible.
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