You Gotta Stay Happy

directed by H.C. Potter
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1948
Date Added:08/23/2021
Date Watched:08/23/2021
Description:Marvin Payne (Jimmy Stewart) and Bullets Baker (Eddie Albert) run a small cargo airline. On a layover in New York, Marvin meets Dee Dee Dillwood (John Fontaine), who is running away from an unconsummated marriage. Not wanting to leave her in trouble, Marvin agrees to bring her along to California. They get caught in a storm and have to make an emergency landing. During the evening, Marvin and Dee Dee fall in love, but when he finds out she's really a millionaire heiress, he gets upset that she lied and takes off without her. She follows him to California, buys his airline and convinces him to marry her after she promises him complete control of the business.
My Rating:7

Reviews for You Gotta Stay Happy

Review - You Gotta Stay Happy

The ending is a little flat, but most of the movie is fun in a lighthearted way. I'm not a big fan of Joan Fontaine, but she does OK here.
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