Take Her, She's Mine

directed by Henry Koster
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1963
Date Added:08/30/2021
Date Watched:08/30/2021
Description:Frank Michaelson (James Stewart) struggles when his daughter Mollie (Sandra Dee) goes off to college. He keeps over-reacting to situations she gets into and rushes to save her. But his efforts keep landing himself in ridiculous scandalous-looking situations—and in the paper. In the end, he decides she's a woman and should make her own decisions—which includes marrying a nice French guy. There's a running joke about how people keep thinking Frank Michaelson is actually the actor, Jimmy Stewart.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Take Her, She's Mine

Review - Take Her, She's Mine

I found myself easily distracted while this movie played. A lot of people consider it dated because it dealt with long-obsolete sexual standards, but that part I understood. I also know the tendency to try to fix everything as a father even after daughters can and will make their own choices. But still it seemed a little dry and pat.
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