Pikes Peak Summit

I’m not going to attempt to put my photos in any sort of order.

We enjoyed the view for a while until the cog railroad train headed back down. Our friend told us this was the time to go inside the Summit House for donuts—while part of the crowd was gone. We bought a half dozen, and then we got two more later when my wife bought a mug. They’re clove flavored and very greasy, but you just can’t go up Pikes Peak without eating one or two. We wandered out the other side of the Summit House and took some more photos, then headed back down.


Monument to “America the Beautiful,” written by Katherine Lee Bates after visiting the mountain in 1893.


Remains of the original summit house with the current one in the background. A new one is in the works.



Looking north with the Catamount Reservoirs on the left and Crystal Reservoir on the right.



Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs to the east. I think Garden of the Gods shows up as some little bumps in the center.


Downtown Colorado Springs and the plains to the east.




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