Garden of the Gods Again

Sally flew out on Friday. I picked her up in Denver. We spent Saturday touring houses around Colorado Springs with Nolan Burt, a realtor who used to work at CBS. On Sunday Morning we went with Tim and Young to Woodmen Valley Chapel and heard a very good sermon on Philippians that included a reference to Spinal Tap.

After church, we went to Garden of the Gods. This was my third visit, although Sally had never been there. Three things that have been true of all my visits:

  1. It was beautiful.
  2. It was crowded.
  3. I saw a Prairie Falcon.





Sally was happy to discover that rattlesnakes aren’t allowed on the trails.


We interrupted our visit for an excellent lunch at Savelli’s Pizza in Manitou Springs and for an auto tour of that freaky community. The pizza was good enough that I told Tim and  Young that we were going to steal their tradition when people come visit us.



Back at Garden of the Gods, Tim parked and we walked the short trail to the Siamese Twins.




This family, the Masons, watched me as I clambered over the rocks taking Red Chair photos. When the dad asked me about it and expressed approval, I handed him the chair and got this shot.


On our way back through the park, we happened upon a small herd of Mule Deer right along the road. There was a large buck out of decent cellphone camera range, but this doe was much closer.


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