AdAmAn Fireworks

My coworker told me about the AdAmAn (add a man) fireworks on Pikes Peak every midnight. In 1922, five local men (the Frozen Five) climbed the peak to set off fireworks as a lark. They decided to add one man to their club each year. This year, about 30 members made the climb. (Obviously, with 85 years of existence, some members are no longer capable of making the climb.) We watched from Monument, about 20 miles away. The noise in the background is from a family that came out to set off its own fireworks and were surprised to see the ones on the Pikes Peak.

My camera was on maximum zoom for most of the show. With the naked eye, the fireworks looked like this: (I added the arrow so you could see the fireworks. The other lights are in Monument.)


It was about 20° with a stiff breeze coming off the mountains. My hands were numb by the time the show was over. And it really wasn’t very spectacular—except for the fact that they were on the top of Pikes Peak. I think next year we’ll try to get closer, and indoors.

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