Palmer Lake Star

From late November through New Years, when driving north on I-25 through Monument, Colorado, or when out walking in the area anytime after dark, you can’t help noticing the giant lit-up star on the mountainside above Palmer Lake.

On December 17, I went out at night and took a couple photos. It was not easy getting a shot with the chair.



Since that night, I found out a little more about it. Turns out there was a dog that carried the light bulbs up to the workers. And there’s a statue of the dog. I’m not making this up.


You can just make out the star on the hillside to the right of the town hall.



Here’s a better shot of the hillside in the daytime.


Just one final word and then I’m done with the star. The plaque by Dizzy’s statue salutes volunteers. I can almost picture the day back in 1935 when somebody mentioned that they had to find a way to get the bulbs up the hill. Dizzy, tail wagging for joy, jumped up and barked, “I’ll do it!”

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