Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

We drove downtown to the Colorado Springs Pioneer’s Museum. I went inside to see if they were open on New Years Eve. The friendly woman behind the counter said, “If you want to see the museum this year, today is your last chance.” 




They had several displays of varying interest, including one of local businesses that had been in the area for a long time. The horse was wheeled out in front of saddle-makers’ stores to display the wares.


Nipper, the RCA dog, used by a local radio and TV service.


Miniature bands like this were connected to jukeboxes. Play a song and the curtain would open and the band members would move to the music.


A hut for sufferers from tuberculosis. They came to Colorado Springs for the healthy air and were kept outside as much as possible.


The restored district courtroom.


The original 1903 elevator that we got to operate!


The museum looked impressive, but I didn’t come away with as much knowledge about the history of Colorado Springs as I had hoped.

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