The Pantry in Green Mountain Falls

I’m not being overly-wordy in my title—that’s the name of the restaurant. We overheard the owner explaining things to another customer. When he bought the place in 2001, it was called “T’s Pantry.” He wanted to change it to “The Pantry,” but the local government wouldn’t allow it because there was already a business with that name somewhere in the area. But they would allow “The Pantry in Green Mountain Falls,” which just rolls off the tongue. And it just says, “The Pantry” over the door …

Anyway, we stopped in late on a Thursday morning. There are about 10 tables in the dining room, and most of them were filled most of the time we were there, although we didn’t have to wait to be seated. My wife had an omelet. I had cinnamon roll French toast with two eggs, hash browns, and bacon. The bacon was mediocre, but everything else was good. The town itself adds charm. It’s squeezed into a valley in Ute Pass with a small man-made pond in the center. We probably won’t drive that far just to eat there, but if we’re heading west at breakfast time anyway, we’ll likely stop by.

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