Bird #178 — Dickcissel

spiza (finch) americana (of American)

Thursday, July 31, 1980 — 12:45 pm

Inverness, Illinois — Bradwell Road

I heard about this Dickcissel on the Audubon Society Hot Line.  It was reported singing in a field about half a mile east of Crabtree.  I found it right where it was supposed to be.  It was singing from the top of a small tree in a large field that had just begun the process of being turned into a housing development.  The roads were in, along with a partly-finished house or two, but most of the area was covered with prairie-like grass.  I later spotted the Dickcissel perched on a weed stalk, still singing.

This was my first trip to this area, and for a year or so I visited it frequently.  Next to the field was a large marsh with a wide open space of water in the center.  Around the edges was a thick belt of reeds and bulrushes.  I saw quite a few interesting birds in the area for a year or so, but then quit going.  The marsh had been turned into a sterile lake in the center of a ritzy neighborhood.

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