Conversation with My Daughter

Daughter: I was supposed to bring a pop can for History, but I forgot.

Me: So … does that count as a grade?

Daughter: Wait. Let me tell you. So I got on the bus, you know? And I was like "Oh, I forgot to bring a can." And three other girls from my class are on the same bus and they're like "Oh, so did I!" So this stupid sevey says that if we stop by his house, the recycling bin is on the curb and he can get us cans. So the bus driver, she's like "Why do you need cans?" And we're like "I don't know, we're just supposed to bring them." So she stops and the stupid sevey jumps out and comes back with four cans.

Me: He doesn't sound stupid to me. It sounds like he saved your behind.

Daughter: Yea, I know. He's a great guy. I was like "thank you so much."

Me: So what were the cans for?

Daughter: They weren't even for class. They were for some collection to save the planet or something.

Me: Well … the planet's still here. It must have worked.

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4 Responses to Conversation with My Daughter

  1. jeff says:

    Well, I owe you my thanks Lindy for taking cans out of one recycling bin and putting them in a different recycling bin and thereby saving our precious earth. Except, of course, that while transporting the cans from one recycling bin to the other one, you added four cans worth of weight to the school bus causing it to burn .0000347 percent more ozone destroying chemicals into the atmosphere, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, I’d say we got another good ten years here at best. Thanks.

  2. Tim S says:

    That’s like, great! Now I don’t have to like, worry about the planet anymore.

  3. Katherine says:

    Yeah, like, really! :-)

  4. beth says:

    I’m really glad I wasn’t there for that conversation….

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