Metropolis, Illinois

Metropolis is a tired town on the Ohio River floodplain. Its one significant claim to fame is that it shares a name with the fictional city of Metropolis in Superman comic books. DC Comics and the state of Illinois have both issued official edicts proclaiming the town the “Home of Superman.” The town rides this horse as hard and far as it can, with statues and billboards and an annual festival. During our visit, there was a steady stream of visitors by the statue and absolutely no activity anywhere else. Metropolis somehow manages to be quaint and sad at the same time. We spent an afternoon and night there with Nate and Karen on our way to Arkansas.




At the other end of Market Street from The Super Museum, far, far beyond where most tourists go, there is a statue of Noel Neill in her role as Lois Lane on the 1950′s TV series.


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