Weekend in Ohio

We made a quick trip to Columbus in mid-January. Here’s an overview.

A friend of Sally’s had sung the praises of Schmitdt’s German restaurant in German village. We drove straight there after picking up our rental Toyota Rav-4. It wasn’t 5:00 p.m. yet, but the place was busy. We had a half hour wait, part of which we spent in the fudge store across the road.

Sally ordered weinersnitchel, I ordered breaded pork. Both were Ok, but the sides are what we really liked—spatzle, potato pancakes, and the cream puff we split for dessert.

On Sunday morning, I did an hour of birding in the cemetery and small wetlands park along the Olentangy River next to our hotel. I saw some of my old friends that don’t show up in Colorado—cardinal, Carolina Chickadee, Carolina Wren, mockingbird, Red-bellied Woodpecker. It had snowed in Ohio a day or two previously. Sunday was warm and overcast, and everything was damp.

We spent the afternoon in Springfield at the Heart of Ohio Antique Mall. We bought some old toys, and I bought a Toledo Torch—a kerosene roadside torch used in the 1930’s. It was as I was checking it out that I thought to wonder if I could take it on the airplane. Just in case, I took it to a UPS store in the morning and mailed it to myself. 

When we got back to Columbus, I drove downtown to see some new deer statues along the Scioto River. 

It was harder than you might imagine to prop up my phone to take this next photo. That’s why you’ll notice I’m only wearing one shoe. 

A second deer nearby was supposed to look like it was reclining in the grass, but I thought it just looked like it had slipped in the mud.

A third deer sat nearby on the steps of a museum. 

I used a snowball for a tripod to get this shot. 

The World’s Largest Gavel sat between two law buildings on the other side of the river. 

For lunch on Monday we went to Skyline Chili, of course, and to Krema Nut Company. We got to the airport two hours before our flight. Sally sat in an alcove at one end of the terminal while I walked around to get some exercise. When I got back, she was standing. I asked her why, and she just grinned at me. That’s when I noticed the roof was leaking right above when she had been sitting.  Our flight out of Columbus took off in the rain,  but we soon got above the clouds. 

The clouds were breaking up over Chicago as we flew north over Lake Michigan.

We landed at Midway for a layover of about an hour. That was long enough to buy a box of Nuts on Clark caramel/cheese corn mix which we polished off on the flight back to Denver.

It was weird being in Chicago and not being able to go “home.” We had to keep reminding ourselves that we didn’t live there anymore. But it sure felt like home.

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