A Thought on Scriptural Truth

If 15 Christians hold 15 differing views on doctrine, there are only two possibilities:

  1. One of them is right and the other 14 are wrong.
  2. All of them are wrong.

Christian unity isn’t agreeing to disagree, nor is it agreeing to only discuss those few issues on which we don’t disagree. Christian unity (doctrinally speaking) happens when Christians come together with open minds and open Bibles and study together until, with the help of the Holy Spirit, they find the truth.

God’s truth is absolute. There is much in the Bible that I don’t understand, but I refuse to believe that I cannot understand the vast majority of it. I  believe that I simply haven’t studied enough.

It’s a very short journey from “we can’t understand Scripture” to “there’s no point in studying Scripture,” and that is right next door to “we find our truth outside of Scripture.” And that’s exactly what the world does.

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