Apple Valley — Part Three (Toyland)

The final stop on our tour was another small shed.


There was a small clear space in the center of the room, but every other inch was packed with toys of every description. They filled shelves along the walls, hung from the ceiling, and were stacked on top of one another. Three or four model trains and a Ferris wheel were in motion through the clutter. If the old Gulf station was sensory overload, this was sensory explosion.


Keith said this was only part of his collection. In response to my questions, he pointed out his oldest and favorite toys. It was his original ambition to create a much larger museum for this collection, but things haven’t worked out.

I would have loved to have had a couple hours in there with a good camera (because of the rain, I took all these photos with my iPhone). We chatted with Keith for a couple minutes, gave him a generous donation for his tour and left not knowing for sure if we’d seen a train wreck or something unique and amazing.


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