Back to Medora

As part of our package deal, we got $40 gift cards that could be used anywhere in Medora. After breakfast, we had $20-some dollars left. Sally and Marcy volunteered to spend it in some of the stores in town.

While they shopped, Arlyn and I wandered about. We bought pops at the Joe Ferris General Store, stopped in the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame and decided it was too pricey for the amount of time we had at hand (one hour), then went to two museums.

The first was dedicated to Harold Schafer, the Mr. Bubble guy who put Medora back on the map.


Here’s Schafer’s car.


We didn’t stay long because, again, we had only an hour and the badlands beckoned.

Next we visited the Von Hoffman home, built by Marquis de Mores for his in-laws. Medora’s father may have stayed there once, but there’s no record that her mother ever visited town.


The house has only recently been turned into a museum — it used to be a doll store. Nothing is original, which isn’t surprising since the owner’s were never there. The rooms are filled with period pieces. The upstairs has a few interesting displays on Roosevelt and his time in the area.

I asked the woman who greeted us at the door if I could take photos. She said she wasn’t sure. I was the second person who had asked her, and she told the first guy OK. I asked if she wanted to tell me no so she knew she’s been right at least half the time. It sounds snarky, but I said it nicely. I think she expected me to be taking photos like these.


Which I obviously did. But I also took photos like this …


Which she probably wouldn’t have understood anyway. We browsed in a bookstore, then met the wives. They had managed to spend all the remaining money on the gift cards. When Sally purchased one item, she was told she could have a free wooden pen with Medora and somebody’s name etched into the barrel. They didn’t have Roger or Sally or Marcy or Arlyn, so they got the next most obvious one — Steve. (If you’ve been paying attention to previous posts, you’ll get it.) We bought snacks and headed up to the North Unit.

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